Nanobots and the grey goo situation

First of all word nanobot is combined from two words: nano and bot = nanobot. Word nano comes from the size of the bots which is some nanometers depending on use. And bot refers to robot/some kind of mechanical structure that is able to do the given job by themselves. So nanobots are tiny robots. Image


Because we had to use the word nanobots we shall continue using that word even though it’s kind of science fiction like and nanorobots would be better expression.

Nanobots could have many functions (no actual mechanical nanobots have yet been constructed or created) like medical applications and actually the theoretical use of nanobots are endless because of their size. They could build anything that we know or even more. They are like small humans.

So what about the grey goo situation that is mentioned in the title. Well its very famous doomsday scenario given when talking about nanobots. The theoretical situation is that a swarm of nanobots gets out of control somehow. Maybe they would build a mind of their own or they get infected by a computer virus and they begin deconstructing all matter which  results in everything on the planet turn into shapeless grey goo. This is very unlikely to happen but raises concerns about nanotechnology’s safety issues. 

Scary isn’t it?



Juhana ja Teemu


4 thoughts on “Nanobots and the grey goo situation

  1. The grey goo scenario is indeed scary, but as you mentioned it is very unlikely to happen. However, it is good that scientists consider different doomsday scenarios so they could prevent these. Scientists have to make sure that nanobots are safe for us and for environment before they can be widely used. Nanobots have potential to improve our lives and that is why I’m sure that someday they will be part of our everyday life. Your text made me think that everything have potential of being harmful no matter how small they are.


  2. I totally agree with you Jenna. That’s so true that everything has potential of being harmful like GMO. And think about the spider Black Widow which is capeable of killing a crown man with a single bite even though they are very small.

    I also think that when research of nanobots further develops there will also be lot of critic and protesters to slow the research down just like in GMO.

    There will always be the people who are scared about the change and want to question everything.

    – Juhana

  3. I think it is little bit absubrb to think that the nanobots would take a command from us aad start to control us. But of course there is alwayls someone who might think that way.
    Still my opinion is that they are not developped enough for such takeover.

    It is really interesting to see how they will develop as medical applications.

    – Tero

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