Skulle Implants – New biomaterial company in Turku

Skulle Implants Oy is a company from Turku. There was a short piece of news about Skulle Implants in Turun Sanomat in last December.  The news told that they are building a factory in Vasaramäki Turku. Their goal is to start production of bioimplants in the spring 2013. These bioimplants are made of bioactive plastic with fibres and they can be used in bone tissue engineering. Skulle Implants has potential for making billions of euros and it will create several new jobs in Turku.

tehdas               The factory of Skulle Implants in Vasaramäki

It is always nice to read this kind of news. Especially in these dark times as the economy is bad and many people are losing their jobs. We have learned that biotechnology is the technology of the future. There are many new inventions related to biotechnology, for example in areas of tissue engineering and bionano-/nanobiotechnology. These inventions may lead to an increase in our life expectancy and creation of cures for diseases that are currently incurable. As immortality has been a long-standing dream of humanity, all inventions that increase life expectancy and quality of life will surely be well-received. This is the reason why we are certain that biotechnology industry will grow in Finland even as other industrial sectors are diminishing.

We have been wondering if there will be jobs for us when we graduate but now the future is starting to look bright from our perspective. There are many small biotechnology companies in Turku and elsewhere in Finland. Some of them have potential for becoming larger companies, as Skulle Implants has done. It will be a long and costly process but the rewards will more than cover the required investments. Although the main point is that these companies will create jobs for people with our education, but we shouldn’t forget that they will create jobs for many people from different areas of expertise. The potential growth of biotechnology industry in Finland may enable Finland to sustain its status as one of the leading technological countries.

Jenna & Niklas


5 thoughts on “Skulle Implants – New biomaterial company in Turku

  1. I´m very glad that you two wrote about this Skulle Implants. Most of the people don´t even know what that building is and it is actually a pretty weird building that has a lot of potential – but it certainly doesn´t look like it at the outside.
    Skulle Implants is a really good company for us and for Turku – especially in these “dark times”. Hopefully they will build an excellent company whose story lasts for decades – and hopefully they will recruit many new people next year 🙂
    – Lea

  2. Your post introduced Skulle Implant wells and it is certainly really positive thing for Turku. I haven’t read that article from TS so it was nice to know more about it. Hopefully they success and in future provide more jobs.

    – Nea

  3. I want to thank you both for saving this evening. Searching for a job in our field seems to be near to impossible but this gave me new hope. Maybe this particular company isn’t the answer to all of us but the knowledge that we are stuidying something that’s going to the future helps a lot 😛


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